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I am a Veteran. I retired from the United States Air Force after 27 years of service.

I have worked hard to fight for Veterans and active military personnel's rights. In the 2009 Legislative Session, I introduced two bills that helped our military serving overseas and veterans. HB 2510 removed the 15 year limit on a military veteran's ability to use preference points when applying for a public sector job. I recognized veteran's should not lose this point after a set time limit. HB 2510 became law after bi-partisan support through the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate. Representative Whisnant also introduced HB 2511 which allows overseas military voters to vote by fax. Oregon's vote-by-mail system is effective, but Representative Whisnant knows the difficulty of absentee ballots having served overseas for 7 years but was glad to push this bill to help every vote get counted. 

I also supported HJR 10 which celebrated March 2009 as American Legion Month and recognized the service of American Legion members to the United States. I voted for HB 2718, it created a task force to study women veteran's access to health care.  

I co-sponsored SB 449 and supported the passage of this bill to dedicate Hwy 97 as the World War II Veterans Historic Highway. I worked with Dick Tobiason and Bob Maxwell, a Medal of Honor recipient, along with fellow Legislators.

I am a member of the La Pine American Legion Post, the Redmond VFW, the Central Oregon chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), and the Military Order of World Wars (MOWW).

I have supported the Disabled American Veterans, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, JROTC programs in our local schools and participated in numerous veteran's events in Sisters, Bend, Redmond, La Pine, and Sunriver.


Rep Whisnant speaking at the ceremony dedicating HWY 97 as the WWII Veterans Historic Highway


Here is a list of bills Representative Whisnant has sponsored and voted YES on to help our Veterans and active Military:

Bill Number

Short Description

2009 Session

HB 2510

Deletes 15-year limit on veteran's use of preference in public employment.

HB 2511

Allows certain long term absent electors to use facsimile machine to cast ballot.

HJR 10

Declares March 2009 American Legion Month

HJM 12

Urges Congress to enact legislation increasing veterans' access to health care.

HJM 21

Urges Congress to change funding of veterans' health care from discretionary entitlement to permanent and direct entitlement.

SB 449

Provides that U.S. Highway 97 in Oregon shall be known as World War II Veterans Historic Highway.

SB 919

Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Oregon Military Department for Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program.

HB 2571

Allows certain veterans with honorable discharges to pay tuition and fees at discounted rates.

HB 3020

Makes knowingly taking advantage of disabled veteran, disabled servicemember, servicemember in active service or spouse unconscionable tactic and unlawful trade practice.

SB 618

Exempts military discharge records from public records disclosure.

SB 700

Creates Task Force on Veterans' Reintegration.

SB 871

Authorizes Oregon Military Department to receive donations in aggregate amount of $250,000 or more.

SB 918

Creates tax credit for taxpayer who is veteran and who pays or incurs premium costs during tax year for long term care insurance that provides long term care coverage of taxpayer.

SB 921

Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Oregon Military Emergency Financial Assistance Fund for purpose of funding Oregon Military Emergency Financial Assistance Program.

SB 922

Directs each public post-secondary institution to report on number of veterans who are attending institution.

SB 923

Allows reduction of child support awards in consideration of Social Security or veterans' benefits for child support judgments and child support judgment modifications entered on or after January 1, 1995.

SB 925

Establishes Oregon Graduate and Professional Education Program for Veterans.

SB 926

Exempts honorably discharged and retired members of military from various crimes relating to possession of weapon.

2007 Session

HB 2771

Authorizes State Fish and Wildlife Commission to issue hunting and angling licenses at no charge to Oregon residents who are active members or veterans of Armed Forces of United States.

HB 2630

Permits state employee or state officer to authorize deduction from salary or wages for Oregon Veterans' Home Account.

HB 2631

Allows State Parks and Recreation Commission to acquire property rights or interests necessary to develop memorials in honor of veterans and war memorials.

HB 3009

Permits second Oregon Veterans' Home to admit spouses of veterans.

HB 3156

Modifies definition of "disabled person" for purposes of homestead property tax deferral to include disabled veterans.

HB 3158

Allows employer credit against income taxes for amounts paid as compensation to employees who are members of military reserves, Oregon National Guard or other organized militia, during periods in which employees are providing active duty military service.

HB 3159

Allows certain veterans to receive state aid for course of study or professional training and federal educational aid concurrently.

HB 3160

Creates Oregon Veterans' Business Enterprise Program.

HB 3161

Directs Department of Transportation to establish program to issue veterans' recognition registration plate to qualified owner of motor vehicle.

HB 3196

Allows certain disabled veterans to qualify for Oregon Health Plan benefits.

HJR 38

Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution dedicating portion of net proceeds of State Lottery for services for Oregon veterans.

HJR 39

Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution relating to eligibility for farm and home loans from Oregon War Veterans' Fund.

2005 Session

HB 2425

Directs State Parks and Recreation Commission to allow free use of state parks, campsites and day use areas on any day by veterans with service-connected disabilities and active duty military personnel.

HB 3213

Directs Oregon Transportation Commission to name certain highways after veterans of specified wars.

SB 846

Establishes Oregon Military Veterans Museum operated by Director of Veterans' Affairs.

SB 1100

Directs Director of Veterans' Affairs to establish program to enhance and expand services provided by county veterans' service officers.

HB 3332

Directs Oregon Military Department to offer high deductible health benefit plan to members of Oregon National Guard and dependents of members without health insurance coverage.

HB 3333

Creates Wounded Soldier Relief Program in Oregon Military Department.

HB 3334

Grants property tax exemption to members of Oregon National Guard, military reserve forces or organized militia of any other state or territory called to federal active duty under certain circumstances.

HJM 32

Urges Congress to adopt National Guard and Reserve Retirement Act that provides for National Guard and Reserve members who reach 30 years of service or 55 years of age to immediately receive military retiree pay.

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