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Whisnant's Priorities

Rebuilding our economy is the best way to provide more money for our schools, our communities, and our seniors. We need to make Oregon "employer friendly" in order to attract businesses which provide a strong employment/jobs base.

I am committed to building an Oregon where every citizen can find a good job if they want one. That's the only way our state can improve all aspects of our quality of life.

I want to make sure our children have the best education possible. This means holding State education leaders more accountable and making sure more of your hard earned tax dollars are spent in the classroom, not on administration and overhead.

Our state prospers because of our natural resource base. The high-tech bust we experienced recently shows how important our natural resources really are. I want to ensure we can use those resources in the best way possible to provide jobs for Oregon families and still protect our rich natural resources.

Gene Whisnant is...


Gene Whisnant understands that higher taxes are not the solution to Oregon's economic problems. Deschutes County has the opportunity for economic development and growth in tourism, medical services, agriculture, high tech, manufacturing, and many other industries.

We should encourage this, welcoming job creation into our region, not taxing individuals and businesses to levels which drive them across our borders.

Allowing families to keep more of their hard-earned money will stimulate the economy, helping to pull us out of this devastating recession.


The decisions we make today will greatly impact the generations of tomorrow. We must be diligent about ensuring the highest standards of education for our children, including accountability for all levels of administration and instruction.

In addition, we must be fair in funding education, but we need to make sure those dollars are being spent where they can have the most impact. Gene will use his time on the House Interim Committee to assure quality education for our children and grandchildren.


Safe neighborhoods are essential to our quality of life. Gene believes in providing the public safety resources necessary to keep our streets, schools and neighborhoods free from crime.

Police, firefighters and military should all be supported and thanked for their service. Citizens of Deschutes County should feel comfortable walking through their community. While in the legislature, Gene will work to make this happen.


The last few years have been filled with devastation in our forestlands. It is imperative to both our economic and our environmental well-being that we properly manage forestlands and wisely harvest timber.

We must keep our forests clean, preventing the build-up of debris and other potential forest fire fuels. Not only will smart harvesting policies protect our forestlands, they will provide economic development, job creation and dollars for education.

Gene and his wife Josie have established strong roots in the Sunriver community and are both active throughout Deschutes County. They are involved in civic activities, donate time to volunteer Services and are known as being compassionate, hard working and dedicated individuals.

Please contact me with your ideas, comments, and concerns
PO Box 3565 Sunriver Oregon 97707 (541) 593-7437

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