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Gene works towards a more transparent government
Representative Whisnant worked with three other Legislators to develop a website where Oregonians can find out how their Government spends money.
The Oregon Transparency website launched on December 30, 2009. The Department of Administrative Services created the website with existing resources. The website has many pages to help Oregonians learn more about their government and what the budgets look like. The website has basic information on it currently, but there are plans to expand it and ensure that citizens can use it easily.

Rep Whisnant said, "I am proud to be part of the legislative team which produced the transparency website for the citizens and taxpayers of Oregon, and this bill is an example of successful bipartisan work by legislators and support by DAS which the people expect from Salem. I am optimistic that we will make our website the easiest to use and the most informative of any state transparency website."

Representative Whisnant worked with Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer), Representative Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay), and Representative Jefferson Smith (D-Portland) to work this legislation, HB 2500, through the Legislature in the 2009 Session. With the bi-partisan team, they were able to see this get passed and implemented. Their goal was to open Oregon’s government up to the citizen. Now people have the ability to look into different budgets and purchases and keep their government accountable.

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