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76th Legislative Session adjourns
Rep. Whisnant declares historical 76th Legislative Session a success

“I consider this session to have been very successful for me, for the Deschutes County legislative delegation, and the most important, for our constituents and Oregon,” Rep. Gene Whisnant reported.

 The 76th Legislative Session adjourned at 2:45pm on June 30, 2011.  Thus, ended this historical session as the first session of annual sessions, the first session with a 30-30 House, and the first session of a third term governor.

 Rep. Whisnant stated, “As constitutionally required, we submitted a balanced budget which was fiscally conservative, responsible, and bipartisan and for the first time in decades. Also, we submitted a legislative redistricting map bill which the Governor signed.”

 “Legislatively, there were few, if any, extreme policy bills like Measures 66 & 67 from 2009.” Rep. Whisnant commented.  “The Governor’s education reform package bills and his health care transformation package bills were the most difficult and hopefully will result in better results and more efficiency in these two areas which have the state’s largest financial obligations.”

 Locally, passage of the Deschutes River Basin Mitigation bill which was Rep. Whisnant’s priority bill and the bill which allows OSU-CC to purchase a graduate program building that Rep. Conger pushed were major accomplishments for the Deschutes County legislative delegation.  Senator Telfer, Rep Conger, and Rep. Whisnant worked together to get these two important bills through both chambers and get the Governor’s signature. 

 Rep. Whisnant added, “Personally, I was able to pass more bills than any previous session.  Also, this was my first session to have a gavel as a committee co-chair.” 

 He listed as his disappointments (1) the session did not adequately address state policies to create jobs and (2) did not adequately address state personnel costs.

 “During the session, Megan, Josie and I worked hard to be sure we kept you informed about our work on your behalf and we listened to all your comments on legislation,” Rep. Whisnant concluded.



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